Assisting Refugees Coming to Winston Salem

The refugees are coming, and our Work (Opportunity, Responsibility, Privilege) is beginning !!!  everal congregations are preparing to meet the newcomers by gathering items for Cleaning Kits, Housekeeping Kits.and or Toiletries Kit, along with Kitchen Items. Additionally, the following items are being collected:

1) Gift Cards (for markets, Target, Walmart, etc.) would be greatly appreciated to help tide families over until work and transportation are arranged.  If you would prefer writing a check to buying a card, or shopping around for items, Checks can be payable to: World Relief, Winston-Salem Refugees.  All donations are tax deductible.

2)  Blankets, Sheets, Pillows and Cases and Towels are always needed. More beds are not needed at the moment.

3)  Basic tools (A hammer, screwdrivers, etc) and small sewing kits are very helpful.

4)  Gently-used Vacuums, Blenders and the like are always appreciated. Also, Bikes and Box Fans.

5) No Large Items will be accepted at this time - Furniture, Washer/Dryers are not currently needed but may be in the future.

Storage space is limited but that may change in the upcoming weeks. The community is preparing a list of large items and the plan is for World Relief to pick items up as more refugees arrive. Please contact Interfaith Winston Salem for more information on how to get involved at using the subject line refugees