Meadowlark Kids Define Compassion

Students at Meadowlark Elementary School in Winston-Salem dedicated their new Compassion Corner bench October 5, 2018 with a total-school celebration in the gymnasium.

Essays or poems by Daniela Samaneigo, Remy Conwell, Ava Bourgeois and Drew Davis were chosen to be read at the dedication. Tyler Burton read a poem on Compassion written by School Counselor Karen Browder as students held up letters that spelled C-O-M-P-A-S-S-I-O-N. The poem was based on discussions she had during Guidance classes with third-, fourth- and fifth-graders on the topic of Compassion.

The Compassion Corner project is a sponsored by Interfaith Winston-Salem through its Compassionate Winston-Salem movement. The goal is to place the benches and programs of compassion in all elementary schools in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

The essays and poems, are reprinted below


By Daniela Samaneigo

Fourth Grade


Compassion. Compassion is something that cannot be broken. It cannot go extinct. It cannot be forgotten. It is a melody that people hum when they do the right thing.


Bullies may be horrible but you can speak up – you DO have a voice.


When we show compassion we have empathy. This word is more valuable than a million dollars. It means to have felt how someone else is feeling…to truly understand. When my grandfather passed away, my best friend, Ava, had been through the same thing. She understood how I was feeling! She cheered me up by being her pink bow-wearing bubbly self!


Compassion. This word is worth more than we can imagine, so show compassion everyday!!!



By Remy Conwell


Compassion is very important to me

But what does it really mean? Let’s see.

It means that when other people experience trouble

Someone steps up to burst their tough times bubble.


It means supporting each other when things go bad

And coming up with ways to help them feel glad.

Bullying is not nice; in fact it is very rude.

But compassionate people can change the mood.


Once I noticed my friend curled up head to knees.

I said to her, “Tell me what’s wrong if you please.”

She told me her pet had died, her pup.

I sat down beside her, showed her some love, and then she cheered up.


You see, compassion is an action and not just a word.

It shows you care and lets others be heard.

So try it yourself, when people have a bad day

Empathy, love and Compassion go a long way.


What is Compassion?

By Ava Bourgeois

Third Grade


I think that compassion is showing that you care.

It’s understanding feelings and being willing to share.


Compassion is encouraging people every single day,

Listening to others’ thoughts and words and helping along the way.


Compassion is being respectful and kind to everyone,

So join someone on the Compassion Bench, include them and have fun!



By Drew Davis


Many people want to do great things – not realizing that sometimes it is the small things that mean the most. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”


I think if we do more small things in a compassionate way, we could make a big difference. Some examples of ways that we can spread compassion at Meadowlark may include inviting someone to play with you who usually doesn’t or sitting with someone in the cafeteria who is eating alone to even just saying good morning to someone in the hallway. You never know what they have been through and that small gesture may turn their day around.


Within the word “compassion” is the smaller word “compass.” If we always use our moral compass to guide our actions in the right direction, these small things can become great and change the world!



Spelling Our “Compassion”

C is for the CARING that you should show every day.

O stands for OFFERING help when needed along the way.

M is for MAKING everyone feel loved from the heart.

P is for PATIENCE you should offer from the start.

A stands for ACCEPTANCE and including everyone.

S is for SHARING the load, to help get a tough job done.

S is for SINCERELY listening to a friend who is in need.

I stands for being INTERESTED, and doing a good deed.

O is for being OPEN to those who are different from you.

N is for NOTICING  peoples’ feelings and showing compassion

Through and through.