A Response to Our January “Journeys” Presentation

Warren Dunn, a local writer, made his first visit to our “Journeys” breakfast gatherings January 3. In his blog, Dunn reacted to the speaker’s comments.

    “I was privileged – there is no other word for it – to share a man’s odyssey through a series of confrontations both physical and intellectual with his conscience.  Our speaker – a distinguished academician – at the Journeys meeting of the Interfaith Winston-Salem group came of age at a time when not just our nation’s moral stature was being tested but also whether it really understood the nature of its perceived foreign enemies. Today’s national debate over what to do about ISIS would be well served to consider that our Vietnam policy was based less on history and more on a miscalculation of the actual threat. We continue to pay a high price for that miscalculation.” 

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