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How do we maintain our own faith identity while respecting the traditions of others?

The next reading by the Interfaith Winston-Salem Book Club may help us answer that question for ourselves.  The club will be reading “The Interfaith Alternative: Embracing Spiritual Diversity” by Steven Greenebaum for discussion Tuesday, January 12 at Highland Presbyterian Church.

A review by Amazon says:

“Whatever your spiritual path, chances are that the primary tenets of your faith include universal love, acceptance, and compassion. Yet three thousand years after Moses, twenty-five hundred years after the Buddha, two thousand years after Jesus, and fifteen hundred years after Muhammad, we are still divided by our differences. Religious intolerance, discrimination, even persecution and violence make up the not-so-golden rule.
“The Interfaith Alternative shows us how we can celebrate each other without fear of losing our own identity. It illuminates the path to creating a nurturing spiritual community that honors and includes all religious languages—an alternative to Jews worshiping only with Jews, Christians with Christians, and Muslims with Muslims. In doing so, it demonstrates that through coming together in a mutually supportive environment we can concentrate on our shared desire to remake the world into a compassionate, loving place.”

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